Breakthrough Business Breakfast 

Do you want to create more profit, free time and fun in your business or professional life? If you do, please read on.

Why did you decide to be your own boss, professional or partner? Was it the money? Was it to create more flexibility in your life? Or was it to pursue your passion and focus on what you love? Are you now working harder than ever, struggling to find free time and are feeling that your money-making efforts are crashing against an invisible ceiling?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then
Breakthrough Business Breakfast is where you can start to make your business dreams a reality. 

Our events for 2019 will only be held in Rutland. Please email for more details.

The Breakthrough Business Breakfast  isn’t another networking event, where you’ll be talked at and sold to. This is an opportunity to grow your practice every month, through both brilliant business ideas, time to work on improving your business whilst meeting likeminded professionals. If you want to succeed and grow as a business owner, professional or partner, you need to ask yourself the right questions, let go of your pre-conceived notions and embrace new and innovative ideas. The Breakthrough Business Breakfast will give you exactly this: One morning every month to work on your business, rather than in it, share ideas with likeminded people, and learn what others are doing to create their own success. 

Suzy Miller- Divorce  Strategist

"A relaxed and focused training that combines networking and great food into a short space of time, just before the day fully begins. The approach is intelligent and thought-provoking, and learning from Charlie's own practical experience of growing his business successfully - whilst still have quality time for his family and himself, is a real advantage. I continue to highly recommend this training to the professionals I work with, and I enjoy the benefits I gain from it for my own business."

David Margo- Founder of Divorce Solutions and Former Solicitor

"Charlie has a great business formula. An excellent business model supported by Charlie’s energy and enthusiasm. His generosity in sharing his success formula with others is so valuable and inspiring and in return rewards Charlie with referrals - a perfect way to grow a business."
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