Join Me for an Evening that Could Change Your Future
The Dream Retirement Dinner

Thursday 25th April 2019
Portfolian House, Oakham

What if I told you that I could change your life by treating you to dinner? Would you attend? How about if I told you that the delicious meal could also help to boost your wealth?

This year I’ve created a series of dinner seminars to help my clients create an incredible retirement and I want you to be a part of it.
I’m passionate about retirement. Sadly, retirees are running out of money, but retirement isn’t just about the money: they’re also facing increasing cognitive and bodily decline. Too many people are living a later life of misery, monotony and isolation. I want to put a stop to all of this. Planning for your future has never been more important.

At Efficient Portfolio we understand that approaching and meeting an expert to help improve your situation can be daunting. That's why so many people bury their heads in the sand and refuse to seek professional help. But planning for your future is so important and can be the difference between living out the life you're dreaming of or working to the point of exhaustion with nothing to show for it.

It is never too early to look forward toward your future, regardless of your current situation, but there have never been so many people trying to scam you out of your precious savings. As a Chartered Independent Financial Planner, I work daily with individuals who have all sorts of concerns surrounding their retirement, the most common being, ‘will I have enough?’ Working together, we can build clarity into their financial future.

The format for the event itself takes place in the best possible surrounding: over a sumptuous, yet relaxed, dinner of no more than 16 people. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our team and have time to enjoy a drink with our Financial Planners before sitting down to enjoy your dinner. We intersperse each course with a short and informative talk by myself, Charlie Reading APFS, on the steps you can take to improve your tomorrow.

However, where our guests find the most value is the ability to talk directly to me and the other Financial Planners who will join you for dinner. Whilst you are dining you will be able to hear about a range of topics that are raised in conversation, talk about common concerns of people in your situation and hear expert options on what they feel can be done to improve your future. Please note that, in the interests of confidentiality, specific concerns and personal financial situations will not be discussed at the dinner; instead you will be given the opportunity to have a private call after the event.

Our next event is taking place on Thursday 25th April 2019 at Portfolian House, Oakham.

Now, I know that this won’t appeal to everyone, and that’s fine. I can’t invite everyone. I am looking for 16 select people who want to take their futures by the scruff of the neck and shake things up. I’m looking for people who are passionate about changing their tomorrows and who are ambitious and determined enough to start putting in place the building blocks of their future.

The cherry on top, so to speak, is that I’m not just taking you out for dinner to a run of the mill restaurant; instead, you’ll be treated to a private, gourmet meal, free of charge, cooked by Irish celebrity chef, Liz Moore. So, not only are you going to enjoy an evening of fine food, you are going to come away with the knowledge of how to build a robust retirement plan that will give you the best future imaginable.

As I said, places for this highly exclusive event are precious. I don’t want you to miss out on this remarkable opportunity, so you need to secure your place today. Either register below or email my Event's Manager on or call 01572 898060 now.

I really cannot wait to welcome you to ‘The Dream Retirement Dinner’ and to the most exciting chapter of your life.
I look forward to seeing you there.

Charlie Reading APFS
Founder of Efficient Portfolio and Chartered Financial Planner