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Planning and Implementing a Successful Exit from Your Business

Wednesday 27th January 2021 at 9am

As a business owner, why did you set up your own company? Across the world, millions of entrepreneurs started their businesses with a passion to create a better life. Whether they wanted a better work / life balance , or they wanted to spend their time doing what they love, business owners often have a clear reason for going it alone. But what is your end goal?

For many business owners, their life’s labour has been for one clear reason: to eventually exit the business and reap the financial reward of their endeavours. But do you understand when and how to do this?

There are many considerations that you need to take into account as and when you want to exit and sell your company, from securing the best sale price through to the tax implications and legal considerations you need to make.

Planning ahead is certainly the key here, so we have created a short webinar to help you understand how to prepare for the sale, implement the systems and processes you need to succeed and show you how to maximise and protect the capital you stand to gain.

We’ve brought together three local experts to guide you through the whole process and offer you expert insight.

our speakers
Mike Matthews Partner of Roythornes Solicitors
Mike offers his expert insight into the best ways to achieve the highest price and most lucrative deal for your business, and offers some clear guidance on the best (and worst) ways to achieve a sale that works for you.

Mike will show you:

How to prepare for a sale  
What to expect if you get an offer
The important legal due diligence  
Facilitating the Share purchase.  

James McBain Allan
Partner of Bishopsgate Corporate Finance
James has extensive experience in both international and domestic M&A transactions be it selling businesses to trade acquirors or private equity, making an acquisition or delivering a management buyout.

James will show you:

What are your right exit options?
De-mystifying Private Equity
The current state of the mergers and acquisition market.

Charlie Reading
Chartered Financial Planner and Founder of Efficient Portfolio
Charlie helps clients to gain clear insight and clarity over their financial futures. He has extensive knowledge of how to help business owners protect and maximise their capital, and ensure they can take their money in the most tax efficient ways.

Charlie will show you:

How much is enough?
Exiting tax efficiently
Life on the other side of an exit

Each speaker will present a short 10-minute piece before you will be invited to take part in a round-table discussion and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
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